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Falcon Fight Academy

WAKO Amateur MMA Rules

Due to the nature  and intensity of MMA, the BFKKO and FFA has decided to directly follow the amateur MMA format with a definite solid structure.

This way we know the system will be delivered with the safest of standards and in one which is recognised nationally.


With a lower age limit of 15 years

old this system teaches, as it

states a variety of martial arts all

under one roof. With the outlets we

have there is a great opportunity

for people to compete as and

when they choose.


All our instructors are qualified under

WAKO themselves and are also

qualified referees and judges which

means they have the required skill to

deliver such a fantastic discipline.


FFA already has a nice group of

competition fighters and they will be

looking at stamping their authority in the

very near future



                                                                     John C Higo Director of MMA takes control

John Higo pin
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