Falcon Fight Academy


In the early seventies names like Phil Milner and John Robinson were being carved into martial arts stone as top exponents of Karate and as the years passed on Phil, already established  and John became top names within the instructors world. Both coming from the mining village of Dinnington they and their clubs earned the reputation as a hardened group and were a force to be reckoned with at any tournament. Both men built like Goliaths were part of a  team who demolished a row of Worksop houses with their bare hands and feet.


After leaving Her Majesties Forces Cris Janson-Piers (Cris had a name change by deed poll due to serious family upheaval) wanted to carry on his Judo Ju Jitsu and karate activities so he  joined his local "Falcon Karate Club" at Falcon Square in Dinnington.


When Sensei John Robinson retired from teaching Cris took over the club and was honoured to be allowed to retain the name of Falcon Karate club.


As the sports evolved, the club became involved in the then, new Freestyle Karate and Kick Jutsu inboth semi and Full Contact systems  and was renamed "Falcon Contact Karate Club" as the name the Falcon would never leave the club in respect of the founder Mr John Robinson.


The club started to grow at an unbelievable pace and at 60 students per class with 4 instructors each class, twice a week it had to move to larger premises.


Then the martial arts boom hit and Cris had to open satellite clubs as he did not have his own premises. This involved Cris teaching over 40 classes per week! The numbers were that large that he outgrew the Organisation he was with so in the early 80's he developed the BFKKO which is an Organisation which is still very strong today.


With martial arts evolving again newer styles of Full Contact and Low Kick were introduced.


Then the BFKKO developed Satellite clubs throughout Great Britain and continued to grow again.


The next successful step was the opening of Cris' first official academy and after 3 moves since he now totally owns the building his club runs from. A totaly dedicated centre, now called "FALCON Fight Academy" as it houses several different syles which have developed over the years.


A little girl who joined the Falcon Karate Club at 7 years old, now 31 (1982) years old and a 6th Dan, who has developed one of the main syllabus' of the organisation has now received her Masters Degree and is the Chief Instructor of the club along with Glyn Smith. Kerry-Louise is also the Chief Instructor of the BFKKO  now as Cris has other commitments which have now placed him as CEO of the Falcon Group.


Cris is the WAKO Pro President to GB and is in charge of all the Ring Sports, GB squad selections and the examination of all officials for WAKO, the World Governing body for kickboxing.


The most important thing is..... "our own students of the Falcon Fight Academy still mean the world to us and we are committted to their involvement and enjoyment within the arts, we are here to serve you and carry on the name.... FALCON".