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Falcon Fight Academy


Completely Free of charge!

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Charlie Ellis Local Boxer


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Kerry's Pro Boxing Coach

Howard Rainey

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A Day in the Ring with

Clinton Woods

World Boxing


The Late Great

Fred Gummerson 

Kerrys Pro boxing Coach

Hard & Fast Boxing Gym


Kerrys AM Boxing Coach

Guinness World

Record Holder & Author

Steve Greaves

Endeavor Community Boxing Club

Honorary Patron

Kerry sparring with

Paul Newby

Pro Boxer

Here at Falcon Fight Academy we can now offer BOXING Sessions. We have been working very hard behind the scenes to deliver on the requests and needs of the general public.

If you care to read the following passage you will be fully informed of the moves we have made and the qualifications of our staff, to enable them to deliver Boxing Training on our timetable of events here at the full time centre. 

Also see who is involved from the boxing World....

Last week we had some very good news here at Falcon Fight Academy.

Kerry-Louise, our senior kickboxing and K1 rules instructor has recently been studying, and has successfully passed a Hatton Academy boxing course. This qualification in conjunction with the qualifications, documentation, and relevant insurance, previously obtained through the BFKKO allows Kerry-Louise to now set up a BRAND NEW Boxing venture here at Falcon Fight Academy.

The new sessions will be based around boxing skills, fitness, and footwork while maintaining the additional benefits of confidence building and teamwork activities that are evident in her other martial arts classes – we are confident that the classes will be a raving success. The intention is for Kerry-Louise to take on Juniors and Seniors alike, so if anyone really wants to progress even further into the actual fight game then there will be avenues for this too.

Kerry-Louise is in no way new to the sport of boxing, nor is she inexperienced. She has two years of amateur boxing experience and a further two years of pro boxing training with some of the best names in the business. Additionally, she has nine professional World Titles in Kickboxing/K1 Rules – a sport which predominantly uses 80-85% boxing skills.

Kerry-Louise has entered the ring to train with none other than Clinton Woods (World Boxing Champion) and two of Howard Rainey’s (A very well know boxing trainer) fighters Paul Newby and Craig Burke.

Paul Newby


Craig Burke


Kerry-Louise has also trained out of the Hard and Fast Boxing Gym in Barnsley, under the late great Fred Gummerson. Her amateur main coach was World Guinness Record Holder Stephen Greaves.


Kerry’s life partner, and her only ever K1 and Kickboxing coach, Master Cris Janson-Piers, owns the Falcon Fight Academy in Dinnington. This is where the history starts.

Dinnington was a big mining community and as such, was always very tight knit. After leaving military service, Cris trained with John Robinson and Phil Milner alongside the likes of Danny Blackett, Paul Stimpson, and Paul Snaith. When Cris took over the Falcon Fight Academy another boxing fanatic Steve Greaves was building his boxing empire for his sons and decided to share his custom built gym with the Dinnington community – Endeavour Boxing Club. It was very successful! When Steve got so busy with all of his other commitments, he considered a sale of his beloved gym. He approached Cris and he rented it at first rent it at first with the proviso that there was an option to purchase. Which all was agreed to.

Fast forward 25 years and Cris is now the club’s Principal and has several instructors helping run the activities at the Falcon Centre. It was only recently that Tony Ellis, another well known name and a long time friend of Cris, came to came to speak to him in relation to setting up a website for his son Charlie – who intends to turn professional as a boxer. Charlie had a photoshoot at the gym to use the images for advertising and his new website ( During the course of this photoshoot conversations were had.

As a result, Cris has decided to give the gym time and space rental up, free of charge. This means that the club’s members, for the foreseeable future, will be able to train for free! Cris has also done this in the past for some kickboxing classes. Steve Greaves was asked to be an honorary Patron of the club and an agreement has been made to call the club “Dinnington Endeavor Community Boxing Club”.

Back to Charlie Ellis … Although he trains out of Ingles Gym, Sheffield, he has been told, being a Dinnington/Anston lad, that he can train at anytime on the bags if he is ever short on training time. This means he will often be seen training on his own but with time to chat with anyone after his session.

It’s clear to see now that this new venture will definitely bring some of the top local fight names under one roof whilst supporting and giving back to the community and our local children who will be able to obtain all the benefits that come naturally within the fight game.

Cris will soon be appointing a funding/sponsorship officer who can look at ways of getting the boxing club funds and grants, but is still offering to sponsor this himself until someone or some body can be found.

If you are a local company and want to put your allowance to good cause, then please consider it for our local children. The gym is also badly in need of a refurbishment at the moment, so that is a shout out to any builders Merchants and local joiners/builders/roofers, etc.

We hope that you like this new move and are ready to support it. Boxing classes will start with one class for now which will be on a Wednesday night 7-8pm.

Email for any more details or kind offers of sponsorship.

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