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Falcon Fight Academy

Black Falcon Muay Thai


KO Pro, who are a leading safety equipment manufacturer  

in Thai and K1 style protective wear and also clothing.


Toraise their own profile and to help us they have decided to

sponsor our club, namely  “Black Falcon Muay Thai”, here at FFA!


Kru Kerry-Louise head's the ship!


The class is specifically designed to cater for a wide array of students and

is a great addition to the gym as a whole. Students from the age of  5 are

welcome. Special attention will be paid to all safety aspects and Kerry is

insured and qualified. The gym is fully equipped and features a ring, bags, speedballs, thai pads, focus mitts and much much more.


Our Muay Thai training has many benefits including, self defence, fitness, a sense of confidence and well being. It also educates the students in the traditional art form which is fantastic for focus and realism.


Current students can attend these classes and it will benefit the stand up game of the MMA fighter and the K1 Rules fighters who want to expand their armoury.


Anyone wanting to start in these classes are advised to enrol now by ringing 07973 748907.




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